This is a story about a guy who was a member of one of Los Angeles’s most elite men’s spa - City Spa - for over 15 years.

This spa was home away from home to many of the world’s most famous movie and television stars.

On October 25, 2003, as I was leaving my beloved City Spa, I was brutally beaten into a coma by another member named Warren Smith who unbeknownst to me had a history of violent outbursts.

He had attacked employees and been violent with other members and the owner Kambis was fully aware of this but did nothing to warn his members and continued to allow this Warren Smith into the spa as long as he paid the $30.00 admission fee.

Apparently Warren had a very bad cocaine addiction and if you crossed his path as I did on October 25 2003, just about anything could happen.

He tried to kill me. He almost succeeded, but Nate the person who runs the front entrance responded to my cries for help.

As Warren was beating my brains out, I screamed in bloody horror for Nate's help.

Just as I went limp, I saw Nate bust through the front door to save me and Warren ran off.

That's all I remember.

I was unconscious.

Nate would tell me months later that when he carried me into the lobby and called 911 he was sure I was going to bleed to death and that he had never seen so much blood.

The police looked for Warren everywhere but they couldn’t find him.

He went into hiding and I went into therapy to learn how to use my brain again. The attack has left me with permanent brain damage, but as all the doctors and therapist say “It’s a miracle I'm alive.”

I'm thankful to God that I am!

As part of my therapy the doctors and the detectives working on the case thought it would be in my best interest and aide in the healing process if I returned to my beloved City Spa where the attack took place and face it.

After all, as they all said, it’s not like Warren Smith will be anywhere around there so I mustered up the courage to go back to the spa and put this behind me

I visited the spa on December 8, 2003.

I return to the spa for the first time since my brutal beating. My heart was in my throat and beating so fast as I made my way past the lobby, where I was last time laying there dying in my pool of blood.

I felt sick I went to the locker room removed my clothes and made my way to the steam room as I made my way in, I froze inside the steam room.

There was only one other guy in there and as the steam cleared I could see it was my attacker Warren Smith and at this point he recognized me as well.

I couldn't believe it!

City Spa knew the police were after Warren. How could they let him back in and how could they not warn me?

Needless to say, when Warren saw me he tried to attack me again.

I fled from the steam room at a hundred miles an hour with Warren right on my tail.

I ran out the front door of the spa on to Pico Boulevard completely naked and ran to my car that was on the City Spa parking lot.

Someone had called 911 but by the time the Police got there, Warren was gone again.

I was naked as they filed out the police report. I felt utterly betrayed and humiliated by my beloved spa.

I never sued them after the initial beating that took place on their property even though everyone advised me to with their prior knowledge of Warren’s violent outburst but I didn't because at that point I still felt like I was a part of the City Spa family.

The final insult would come when months later I would go back again to the spa to thank Nate for saving my life during the original attack and he told me “Rob, I can't believe this but Kambis the owner says you can not be a member any more. You can only come on a pay as you come - no membership ever again for you.”

I couldn't believe it! Nate said, "Kambis is a piece of shit for doing you like this, Rob."

My beloved spa had slammed their doors on me and had subjected me to life-threatening situations without so much as a “we’re sorry” or anything.

I think more than the beating and the brain damage the way City Spa treated me hurt the most.

It would be years of retraining my brain before I would get the idea for You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again.

I figure if that's how they treat  me, then why can't I treat them the same. I’ll share every dirty secret I learned in the 15 years I was a member there.

Every thing all the masseurs would share with me all the shocking stuff only an insider could see and I saw it all.

I hope you like the view into the secret world of John Travolta, John Amos, John Cusack, Jeremy Piven, Pauly Shore, George Michael, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Billy Zane, Andy Dick, Paul Giammatti, and more.