Letter to Wilshire Division Los Angeles Police Department

On October 23, 2003 after the brutal murder attempt on my life that took place at “City Spa” that left me unconscious, near death, with severe motor skill problems, and brain damage…the Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Division were there for me.

The 911 call went and  Wilshire Division jumped right into action.  The detectives were beyond kind, caring, and considerate.  Detective Harper (Harper is being used until I obtain written permission to use his/her real name) took his job seriously and was able to maintain a delicate balance of professionalism while simultaneously displaying a caring and compassionate nature.   

From the moment Detective Harper reached me, he was reassuring and kind to say the least.  He addressed all my fears and concerns making it possible for me to deal with the ordeal I was suffering with while also giving me the strength to prosecute and follow up with it.

My attacker, Warren Smith, felt the pressure of Wilshire Division’s efforts to bring him to justice and went into hiding.  

Wilshire Division actively sought to locate Warren Smith but some way, somehow….he vanished.

The caring nature of Detective Harper would surface as he took on the role of both detective and counselor.  The detective helped me to have the strength and motivation to put the attack behind me and get on with my life.  He knew I lived in the same neighborhood that my attacker did.  He also knew that I was in fear everywhere I went because Warren Smith had not been caught and brought to justice.  He went on to assist me in getting $5000.00 from the “Victims of A Violent Crime” fund since I was now a victim and could no longer work nor do interior design anymore.  That in itself took some adjusting to as interior designing was both my passion and my source of income. 

Even with all of that going through my mind, Detective Harper never gave up on encouraging me to go back to City Spa and face the crime scene.  His reasoning was that it would be frightening yet healing.  In many ways he was correct, except for the fact that when I did muster up the courage to go back to City Spa, my life would be threatened once again.  My attacker, Warren Smith, was there patronizing the spa.  The owners let me walk right on in without so much as a hint or a warning.  In essence, an ambush!  This, was by no means, Detective Harper’s fault.  He was right in having me go back to the spa to face my fears.  How was he, or anyone, to know that Warren Smith would be there?

Back then I was just another citizen of Los Angeles.  I was not a celebrity nor a person who had just written a tell-all book.  Yet, Detective Harper, as well as the entire Los Angeles Police Department Wilshire Division, treated me with dedication, and diligence above and beyond the call of duty and I will always be grateful to them.

Wilshire division would once more come into my life in 2010.  Due to the nature and subjects of the book I have written regarding my experiences with City Spa, I have received countless death threats, harassing calls, been chased and rammed into by other vehicles, and other violent natured attacks.  I would love nothing more than to mention by name each and every one of the wonderful officers and detectives that have helped me make it through all of this.  However, out of respect for their privacy and possibly their safety, I will not.  That in itself, upsets me because I believe in the truth and giving credit where it is due.

Wilshire Division has given me tips and advice on how to better protect myself and my loved ones such as vacating my home immediately.  They have escorted me to my residence whenever I feel threatened or too afraid to go home.  I have been listening to, and following, their advice since the attack on my life in 2003.  They watched my back then and continue to do so to this day.

One thing that stands out to me,  among a plethora of professional qualities Wilshire Division possesses, is how the officers and detectives have always treated me the same as they would a public figure, politician, celebrity, etc.  That being a Division of dedicated officers and detectives who serve the public the way the public deserves to be protected and served. 

Without their help and genuine concern for people from all walks of life, I can’t begin to imagine how I could have kept my sanity during this most difficult and life threatening time.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that the Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Division is not only there for you but sincerely care and thus do everything they can to help you though whatever it is you are going through.  To the officers, detectives, Sergeants, and Watch Commanders; I would like to thank you for your help in this time of danger and for making me feel so much safer.  I have taken all of your advice and followed it to the letter.  Because of this, I do feel safe now.  Your constant contact with me and reassurance has given me the strength to go forward with my book “You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again”.

God bless you all for giving me peace of mind.
The Wilshire Division is the greatest in my book, no pun intended.  Or should I say “No plug intended?”

Very Sincerely,

Robert Randolph



Death Threats Incidents

Tuesday October 29th 4pm, white suv with blk male screaming and shouting with window down “fuck you, fuck you asshole”.

Wednesday October 13th, blk suv was parked on street when returning home, police escorted  me home, incident on file

October 10th, white van blacked out windows followed me for about 3 miles until I saw a police officer making a traffic stop and the van took off

October 6th, as I was leaving my street a blk suv bumped me twice at the light and as I headed on san Vicente he came up on my left and tried to push me into the ditch.  Incident on file.

October 7th, as I was leaving my home, a silver 4 door sedan with blacked out windows came up behind me and a chased ensued throughout los angeles streets for miles, I called 911, incident on file.

October 28th, white suv, blk male came head on for ¾ of a block until last minute, said “fuck you” and swerved out of the way, incident on file.

October 19th blk male approached me brandishing gun, previous stalker who has become more aggressive the closer my book comes to being released.  Consulted with an attorney who advised me to get a temporary restraining order which I did get and have served upon the individual.

October 15th, blk 2 door suv, possibly a tahoe, was parked at the end of the block.  I went out onto my balcony and noticed the vehicle.  Once the suv realized I saw them, they pulled off and left.

October 16th, came home late after event for the book with my security, we turned onto our street, spotted black suv, we turned on the security lights, suv took off, security got me secured inside my house.  The security heard the dog barking and went out to the front to see why the dog was barking.  Security saw a blk suv speed off and was unable to get license plate.  Moments later, security realized the security vehicle had been vandalized.  Police responded and took a report.  Incident on file.