City Spa





Lyons Spa


This Is One of
John Travolta's
Favorite Saunas

Another Angle of One of
John Travolta's
Favorite Saunas

More angles

More shots of
one of his favorite spas
in Los Angeles

I've seen John Travolta's
big butt
on this scrub table
dozens of times

This is the worst steam room in Los Angeles
People are always getting athlete's foot there
but that doesn't stop
Mr. Travolta

More spa angles

This is one of many steam rooms in Los Angeles
John frequents.
It's creepy -
sometimes I'll walk in
and he'll be in the steam room and he's just standing there
waiting for fresh meat

It's not uncommon
to see
John Travolta
sitting right here in the locker room
waiting for the next guy

Many Hook-ups take place
in the Mat Room,
it's not uncommon
to walk in and see 5-10 guys
in a circle jerk

This Is the TV Room -
Better known as the
"Get A Blow Job In the Comfortable Chair"